About Springbok

Springbok helps over 230 homeowners achieve a quicker sale at the best possible market price each month. In 2017, we aim to consistently grow this number - with your help!

Employee focus

We take employee satisfaction very seriously and respect our staff, trusting them to do their jobs instead of micro-managing them like naughty children. We proactively listen and do everything we can to make Springbok Properties the best workplace in the country.

Highest customer service standards

We're a fast-growing business in one of the country's most competitive industries. We have a client satisfaction score of 96% on the independent customer review site All Agents.

Creativity, not bureaucracy

We unchain our employees' creativity, encouraging them to innovate and turn normal business thinking on its head. While other companies stay mired in tradition and paper-pushing, our property stars push their limits to achieve more – and have fun doing it!

Nationwide coverage

We are one of the few select estate agents who operate throughout the UK. Our national coverage creates more career and growth opportunities for the right individuals, in many strategic locations, like London & Scotland.

Real rewards

We only employ exceptional people, so our basic packages are already generous - but going the extra mile doesn't just get you a pat on the back at Springbok Properties. We really pile on the incentives for individuals and teams who push themselves to achieve more.

A better balance

Our employees love to work hard and achieve incredible results, but we make sure everyone takes time out to relax and spend time on leisure, too. A healthy work-life balance is something all our employees can expect.

Are you a super star?

We have created an environment and platform that allows talent to shine, earn the income it deserves and grow, all at the same time.

If you are a super star who would like to join the Springbok team view our vacancies, apply now or call us on 0161 416 6327

Or email us your CV at recruitment@springbokgroup.co.uk