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High Street Estate Agent Selling Fees: The Pitfalls to Be Aware Of

High street estate agent selling fees can be very costly. Homeowners can expect to add thousands of pounds to the cost of selling their home. This can substantially impact homeowners budget when moving home.

However, understanding how to recognise the financial pitfalls of high-street estate agent selling fees will save homeowners serious money, easing any financial concerns when selling or buying a home.

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Estate Agent Selling Fees and Contract Terms

The fees charged by different estate agents are not fixed. In fact, they can vary quite considerably. Most high-street estate agents charge a percentage fee on the sale of property, and this percentage can be anywhere between 1-3% depending on the contract you agree with the estate agent.

When marketing higher value properties (above £500,000) estate agents are often prepared to accept a lower fee for their services. However, whilst this may seem good value on the surface, such estate agent selling fees are still very costly to homeowners. Even at 1% estate agent selling fees, homeowners can expect to pay £5,000 to the estate agent once they have sold their home.

Contract terms should also be thoroughly examined to ensure that estate agent selling fees are fair. Homeowners should always ask their estate agent to email a copy of the contract terms, paying attention to the sole agency lock-in period. This length of time can vary considerably between different estate agents.

In some instances, the sole lock-in period can be significantly longer than necessary. Any lock-in period longer than 3 months is unnecessary, giving homeowners to right to question its length.

Springbok Properties do not charge estate agent selling fees if your home remains unsold. We offer a transparent, fixed price approach, meaning that homeowners can easily calculate the cost of selling their home and budget for their next property purchase. To discover theestate agent selling feeswe charge on the sale of your home, contact us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.


Estate Agent Selling Fees and Additional Costs

Every high-street or online property company is required by law to inform homeowners of what the estate agent selling fees cover. If this information is not openly provided, homeowners have the right to ask for full disclosure. Any estate agent selling fees should cover the costs the estate agent incurs pays to market your home only. This generally includes advertising, marketing and the cost to create a for sale sign, for example.

There is a single addition to any estate agent selling fees that homeowners are responsible for paying. This is the cost to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), should one be required. The certificate cost does vary anywhere between £60-£120, depending on the size of the property.

Homeowners are also not responsible for paying a withdrawal fee, should the decision be made to take the property off the market. If withdrawal estate agent selling fees are charged, homeowners should contact their estate agents and state that they are not responsible for paying withdrawal estate agent selling fees.

Springbok Properties provides homeowners with competitive estate agent selling fees. There are no hidden costs. We also employ an in-house team of conveyancers, a service which is included in our estate agent selling fees. This will save homeowners money and ensure any house sale is legally completed completely hassle-free.

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Estate Agent Selling Fees and Property Valuation

Some high-street estate agents have been known to inflate the value of property to secure a better fee for their services. This can be very detrimental to the success of a property sale.

In a buoyant property market, buyers may well be prepared to pay an inflated price just to secure the property of their dreams. However, inflating the property valuation to achieve higher estate agent selling fees can discourage buyers who believe the property listing does not reflect market value. This practice is also unethical, and does not promote a customer-focused experience.

On occasion, estate agents can suggest a sliding scale of commission based on the value of the property. They do this to give themselves a large incentive to sell the property at a higher price, and earn higher estate agent selling fees. However, this doesn't act in the interest of homeowners either. A good property company knows that to successfully sell homes, they must value and list homes at a price that will attract serious buyers, and reflects the property accurately.

Springbok Properties is a customer-centric business. We are less concerned with estate agent selling fees as we are successfully selling your home as we know that a good business builds trust and delivers on its promises. We value your home at a price that will attract serious buyers and sell quickly. To find out more about our estate agent selling fees or see how we can achieve 99% property value upon a sale, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.


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